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I am feeling silly, and having some fun. Decided to colour my hair lol lol. Well, my hair used to be a nice salt and peper, but last five years it has gone very white, much whiter than I like. I thought I liked it, but well, just got tired of it, so decided to go for a change lol.

So I told my grandaughter I was thinking of changing my hair colour, and she was like well, grandma, you have to have grey hair grandma, your a grandma lol. So I tried showing pictures of how dark my hair was only five years ago, and how long it was too, and she’s like, oh no grandma, your hair has to stay short and grey, that’s just how it has to be.

So we decided to have a hair colouring party at my daughters house, well we pretended it was a party, so Elisa would think it was a big deal and a fun event. So she got to watch grandma get her hair all coloured, and she was just like, oh wow grandma, we’re having a party, and oh wow grandma, your hair isn’t grey any more! So she was quite excited and we had a fun time.

Now as for me, I’ve been having to really get used to this, it is a huge change. At first I felt so very very silly, and now I’m like, ok, maybe this is kinda fun, and well maybe I do like it now. So I’m going to be 50 this year, so I’m thinking, why not be a little silly and have fun. Love you all!


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I am very happy that i was able to make this little sweater for my grandaughter for Easter. I only decided 4 days ago to do it, and i didnt have a pattern, but i was pretty sure i could do it. I kept ripping it apart, cus it didnt look right, and my husband was so nice, and kept saying it looks good, don’t undo it.

And then as the countdown to when it needed to be finished, he\’d glance over every once in awhile, and smile and ask me if i thought i would be able to finish it. And i would say yes. But i felt so proud and happy that he seemed to like it too, and seemed so anxious, and then the minute it was finished he said well lay it out nice so i can take a picture of it for you…..wasnt that so sweet? And Elisa loved her sweater, and it looked beautiful on her. I am so proud.

Things like this are hard for me to do these days, and i’s hard for me to plan on doing something, and complete it, and so that is why i am so proud of it, because i have HD, i don’t have it bad yet, just early stages, but i am very proud of this. I am so happy. And i like to be able to give my grandaughter something new and pretty for Easter, because I think Easter is a time of new beginnings, it is a beautiful time.

I like this scripture verse:

Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5: 17

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