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Well, Elisa was a flower girl last weekend. She was quite excited about the whole ordeal, and did really well.

Several days before the wedding, she asked me, Grandma, why is everyone sooooo excited about this wedding? And I said well, because weddings are special honey. That’s when two people that love each other are getting married, and it is a very very special day for them…..and, because you have been picked to be a flower girl for them, that means you get to help make this day very special for them. Ohhhhh Grandma, wow.

She was very good, and stood really quiet during the ceremony, and took it all in. Several days later when i asked her about the wedding, I said, well tell me now, what is special about getting married? Do you know why now? Oh yes Grandma! They promised to love each other forever and ever and ever! That’s why it’s special Grandma!

(See part 2 below)

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Well, Cathy had been quite worried how tired and cranky Elisa might get at the wedding reception…..not a problem! lol As you can see, when the music started up, Elisa boogied! And could they get her to stop? Oh nooooo lol. She danced and danced and danced lol. She had a really great time, and I think they finally had to drag her out of there, and take her home to bed. To be young and have such energy! Wait til she’s 16…..oh no lol

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