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My Life Now

Welcome to my page. I’m in the early stages of Huntington’s Disease, and this is my blog about my life, my family, and my love for quilting. If you would like to see my new, 2011 raffle quilt for HD research, please click here: https://myhdquilts.wordpress.com/rafflequilt/

My life will never be the same. A year ago, my husband of 34 years, passed away very unexpectedly one night in his sleep. I miss my husband, and will always love him.

I’m so thankful to all the friends and family that helped me through this. My good friend Eric was a special friend to me during this time, and always will be. Thank you to all of my friends…thank you so much 🙂

But most of all, my sister. Right away she came and stayed with me for two weeks, and helped me with all the funeral arrangements, helped me with all government paperwork I had to get done, everything. And when I found a new place to live, a smaller less expensive apartment, that I would be able to afford, and there just happened to have an immediate vacancy, my sister and her husband came back into town, and helped me so much with my move. I hadn’t planned on having to move so quick, but it really was the perfect move to make, and I just love my new place.

A New Raffle Quilt

I decided to do a new raffle quilt this year, because my husband was so proud of the first one that I did, and I knew he would be so proud if I did another one. So here are some of my adventures this year, travelling a little bit, meeting people, and selling tickets on my quilt.

At the lab tour:

I went to the lab tour in Vancouver this spring for the very first time, and I had a wonderful time. Here Dr Hayden is admiring my quilt blocks for the new raffle quilt, and also a picture of me and my sister at my raffle table.

At the Talkin’ Donkey




So now I was off to the Okanagan with my sister to visit with her and her family, and I had a wonderful time. I went to a meeting with her and her husband, with the up-and-coming, and now official, Okanagan Chapter for the HSC. And uhmmm, being the Okanagan, guess where they have their meetings lol. Yup, the Talkin’ Donkey coffee shop! 🙂

And now, off to the run


And now, off to the run. We went to a fantastic run for HD, and a lot of people put a lot of work into organizing this run, and they raised a lot of money for HD. I had a great time, and met so many wonderful people, and sold tickets for my quilt too. The pictures above show all the runners getting ready to take off for the run, and the picture on the right is me, uhmm lol, not running 🙂

Thank you for visiting my page…and I will post more photos and updates of the finished quilt in the next week 🙂


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