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yahoo 28

Here it is, Hayward Lake, we call it “our lake. We packed up the barbeque, our daughters, our grandaughter, and the bucket and shovel of course, for sand castles and fun. We just watched our family having fun, while we smiled, and reminisced. It really was a perfect day yesterday.

Looking ahead, at 50 years:

What would I want to do on our 50th anniversary…….if I could choose, it would be the same. That empty bench is just waiting for us, at “our lake”. I hope we will be there, doing the same, watching our family, and smiling.


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yahoo 29

Our 30th anniversary is coming up, this Sunday, Sept 3, and I am so excited. I think it is just so awesome and cool, to be able to celebrate 30 years.

My life really began when I met Dan. I know, some of you would bawk at that, but I don’t care. He was calm, cool and collected, drove a hopped up ’66 fairlane, and he knew what he wanted in life…..

me, yup, I was the apple of his eye, he was flipped over crazy for me, I couldn’t have asked for more, but I got much more…..I got someone who was kind, caring, compassionate, a hard worker, and always always giving of himself, why, for me.

I’m still his sweetheart, after 30 years, and he’s mine, all mine…..hmmm…..love you hon.

Picture of high school grad (gee it’s an oldie lol)

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