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Ok everyone, spring is here! Finally! And so, it’s bootcamp time! Yes it is, why? Just because i care, about you and about me, and because i really need it too. And what better way to start our bootcamp than with my friend, retired Marine Colonel, Will Brown. Will is someone who i admire sooooo much, and he is a true inspiration to me. Reading Will’s story last summer, really inspired me to start walking every day, and it felt wonderful, but winters here really suck, so come winter i of course went into hybernation like any sane person would do lol. I wish i could run marathons like Will, maybe someday i will, i don’t know, i would like to maybe, but Will always compliments me, and says i’m doing well, even at just walking. He truly is an ecouraging and inspiring friend to me, and to so many others too. Here is a video of Will running in the Marine Corp Marathon:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0BLu6e9_Qk

Will is such an inspiration to me, because Will also has HD, but he is symptom free. He believes running is keeping his brain healthy, and i think that very well may be. Here is Will’s Story, you won’t want to miss reading this, this is Will’s story, as shown on the lighthouse website, you wont’t want to miss this. It is called:

Running from the Devil:


So i am hoping to get myself inspired again, and “out there” again, now that spring is finally here. The health benefits in exercise are undeniably a huge way to help with many illnesses, including HD, but many others also, and so’m putting this out there for all my friends. I’m going to post some more articles over the next little bit too on exercise and stuff, and aging and health. Yeah, i dont want to be over focused on exercise, but i am so underfocused, a little focusing wont hurt me at all lol lol.


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