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We had a wonderful day today…….I just love being a Grandma, and I love my Grandaughter so very very much. She brings me so much joy and love, and I love being able to give her all the love I can. I just feel it is such a priviledge to be a part of her life. But more than that, she feels I am special. She loves to have special conversations with me. She will say, Grandma, let’s have a conversation, and then she always talks to me about things that are on her mind. Asks about God. Asks about me and Grandpa, and why we got married. I say cus we love each other. She will smirk in disbelief, and say, you and grandpa love each other??? lol lol And I will say of course, and we are best friends too. Wow, she says…..lol And she tells me she has a pretty rock collection. And that she has a great big family that loves her soooo much, because she is special. And I say, yes, you are very special honey. She says, of course, cus when i was born, everyone was happy! lol And I say yes, honey. And she says, Grandma, I am so special, you made me a pretty dress Grandma. I love my new dress Grandma, and I say I’m glad honey. Grandma? Yes honey. I am growing up Grandma. Yes honey you are. I love you Grandma…….I love you too sweetheart.

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I never knew either of my Grandma’s very well, and I remember them not being the affectionate type, but I always loved visiting with them when we did visit. But I guess I always wanted more from a Grandma. When I became an adult, I made a conscious choice to get to know both of my Grandma\’s better. It was very difficult as an adult to try and start a relationship that was never really there to begin with, but I did, and I am very glad I did. I discovered the reason they were not affectionate women, was because life had handed them both very difficulty and trying lives to have to live. Their lives were about survival, and they were both full of tons of wisdom. And, I think they both loved me.

When my grandaughter was a baby and young toddler, my hd sympotoms were much worse, and i could not be the person I wanted to be for her, and so I am just glad my hd has improved so much that i am able to be the grandma I always wanted to be. So for now, I am very thankful for this time of wellbeing i am having with my hd, no matter how long or short it lasts, it gives me time to create good memories with Elisa.

But for me, I guess I always wanted to be the type of Grandma that I had wished I had had, and so, for me, I feel so very very fortunate, and so very priviledged, to be able to be that special person for my Grandaughter. It is a dream come true for me, because I have been able to become for my Grandaughter, what I wished for myself…….I think that is very special.

Photo: Elisa wearing a sundress made by Grandma Barb

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These are my friend Gordon’s thoughts, as he wrote them for the HDAC, on what would have been Michael’s 19th birthday. Gordon, your story, and your writing, is sooooooo inspirational! I love hearing your stories about Michael, he always makes me smile 🙂 

The Robertson family: Gordon, Michael, and Kirsty

The Long Journey Home

written by: Gordon Robertson


Gordon, your stories about Michaels life make me smile soooooo much. I feel so special to know you. I think it is so awesome that you are writing about Michael, and sharing him with the world. I think you are doing awesome Gordon! Michael is an inspiration, and he will continue to be an inspiration through you Gordon. Way to go Gordon!

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Michael loved the Rangers, and the Rangers loved him too. Here is michael holding his Rangers memorabilia, a soccer ball signed by all the Rangers. Way to go Michael! 🙂


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Well, I am really pleased, and oh so proud. I have just finished a special Christmas Quilt for my grandaughter for Christmas. I have wanted to make Elisa a quilt for so long, but seemed impossible.

You see, before I got HD, I enjoyed sewing a lot, but after HD, it was difficult to even remember how to sew. And so, I have put in a lot of extra effort just to try and do this for my grandaughter, and I am sure she is going to love it.

The quilt is a gift for my grandaughter, but it really is a gift for me, for me to be able to sew again, it’s a wonderful feeling. I do’t know how long this good spell will last, but for now, this is one dream come true.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 23/06 Christmas at my Aunty’s

This year Christmas was very special. My Aunty invited the whole family to her home for a Christmas visit. It was the first year in many years that my Mom and all her brothers and sisters were together, and that was very nice. But it was even more special, because I got to see my Aunty’s and Uncles. My Aunty Eileen is very special to me, she is the best, the very best. And she has a wonderful attitude about life, a wonderful optimism. She is one of those people that, if she is handed a bunch of lemons, she does not say, oh those damn lemons, they ruined my day! lol No, instead she says, oh lemons, let’s have some lemonade. Her wine glass is never half empty, it is always half full, and her love of life is very contagious. My Aunty’s and Uncles are all very special people to me, it was a wonderful visit.

We will go to Dan’s Mom and Dad’s on Christmas day, and that will be very nice too. And then we will go home, and I will get to sleep and sleep and sleep…..perfect ending to a good day…..lol….. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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Here it is, Hayward Lake, we call it “our lake. We packed up the barbeque, our daughters, our grandaughter, and the bucket and shovel of course, for sand castles and fun. We just watched our family having fun, while we smiled, and reminisced. It really was a perfect day yesterday.

Looking ahead, at 50 years:

What would I want to do on our 50th anniversary…….if I could choose, it would be the same. That empty bench is just waiting for us, at “our lake”. I hope we will be there, doing the same, watching our family, and smiling.

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This is me and Dan, and our oldest daughter Cathy, with her little girl Elisa, and our daughter Jen sitting beside me…..so this is who we are, this is my family.

For some reason, it seems hard to get everyone together at the same time, but on this occasion of my parents 50th, we did get a family picture.


This photo was taken at my parents Golden Anniversary dinner, 2004.

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Deciding on what to give my parents for their anniversary was quite an adventure in itself, imagine four sisters all having to agree on the same thing lol but when I revealed the quilt design to my sisters, the decision was unaminous to go ahead with it.

Working together was awesome. Me and my sisters all live out of town from each other, and soooooo, the fun began, of me sending fabric pieces and instructions in the mail to each of my three sisters, none of whom knew how to quilt, but they were willing to give it a try. I began some of the background quilting, and each of us sisters made quilted roses to respresent our children, and our children’s children.

As you may know by now, I had just received my diagnosis of having Huntingtons’s Disease, and I was in the early stages. This quilt had become symbolic for me, and had become very important to finish it. Quilted into this quilt was my parents heritage, and it was through this heritage, this beautiful heritage, that I was now facing life with HD.

I began to frantically wait and wait for the quilted roses to come in the mail, and wondered if my sisters and I would all be able to pull this off. The quilted roses represented our children, and our children’s children, and generations to come. Because you see, not only do me and my Dad have Huntington’s Disease, but each of my sisters and their children are at risk, and my 2 daughters, and my little grandaughter, are also at risk. This diseasse could wipe out our entire family.

Somehow, I needed to complete this quilt, to be able to say, see the beautiful future generations represented in these roses. And then, the mail started coming in…..smile…..what a relief, and the quilt was completed.

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