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I am thinking of ending my blog for now, and this is why. Yahoo is shutting down their blogs in 08, and i dont think i want to wait for them to shut me down, i will shut them down first lol. They say they will try and transfer everyone’s blogs, but they have no idea where that unknown cyberspace will be lol, so i don’t think i will leave it up to them. I have some other reasons also.

My 360 friends are wonderful, and i will still check in on you guys, i am just having a little trouble keeping up with reading everyone’s blogs the last few months, and so i just wanted to let you all know, i love you and care about you, will stop in and visit too, but will not be blogging any more myself on 360, for now, anyways, i think lol. But you never know.

A good friend asked me a question a few weeks ago, i was asked if i am happy with where my hd journey is right now. I thought about it, and know that my hd symptoms, my distress, and my unhappiness over my hd, were much worse a couple of years ago, and i was asked, with the improvement that i have had with my symptoms, even though, i am still not “normal”, would i be happy if a cure came along today, that could not reverse me to before hd, but could keep me at the same spot i am in today with my hd, could i live with that, and would i be happy. I thought about it, and i thought, if i had been asked this two years ago, the answer would have been no. But i said, yes, with all my heart, i am happy now, for two reasons. First, my symptoms have improved drastically with the memantine, and second, i am no longer in distress, but content.

And so, i have been wondering why i have not had any more blogs to write for almost 2 months now, and now i realize why. I have just run out of things to say, you see, because for me, my writing has been about my life, my hd journey, my family, and i think my writing has been about working out my journey, and somehow, i feel happy with the things i have written, i feel happy with my life, and i feel content. And so, i just don’t feel a need to write any more right now, but i may have more to write again.

My blog and the things i’ve written mean a lot to me, and so i am probably going to copy it onto another server for now, maybe blogger.com or something, just so i dont have to trust yahoo to save what ive written. And so maybe, on another server, i will write more again, we will see…smile.

But for now, i am happy, and i’m happy that i\’m doing some things i’ve been wanting to finish too. And so, i just feel very content, and that is a very good feeling.

Love you all, will see you!




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