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These are my friend Gordon’s thoughts, as he wrote them for the HDAC, on what would have been Michael’s 19th birthday. Gordon, your story, and your writing, is sooooooo inspirational! I love hearing your stories about Michael, he always makes me smile 🙂 

The Robertson family: Gordon, Michael, and Kirsty

The Long Journey Home

written by: Gordon Robertson


Gordon, your stories about Michaels life make me smile soooooo much. I feel so special to know you. I think it is so awesome that you are writing about Michael, and sharing him with the world. I think you are doing awesome Gordon! Michael is an inspiration, and he will continue to be an inspiration through you Gordon. Way to go Gordon!


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Michael loved the Rangers, and the Rangers loved him too. Here is michael holding his Rangers memorabilia, a soccer ball signed by all the Rangers. Way to go Michael! 🙂


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Honoring Michael

Last week, I wrote a bit about my HD journey, and how special friends have helped me along the way, people whose lives have also been touched in one way or another by HD. I wanted to begin to share a bit, how some of these friends have been such an inspiration to me, and helped me with my journey.

I wanted to start with my good friend Gordon. You see, the first time I met Gordon in the chat room, I was feeling sorry for myself, being newly diagnosed with HD, but I decided to say, tell me about yourself Gordon. He began to tell me about his son Michael, who has Juvenile HD, and my jaw just hung open in astonishment, as this kind man began to tell me about the misfortunes in his life, and how his family is so special to him.

Please read Gordon’s story, it is a very special story, one that will inspire you, one that will tell you no matter what is going wrong in life, to carry on. Gordons son Michael passed away today, at the age of 19, from Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, and he will be dearly missed by his family and friends.


Here is their story, as written by Gordon for the jhd families forum last July:


There are a few special people in this world, who truly, when life gives lemons, turns it into lemonade, and Gordon is one of those people. He is a huge advocate for JHD, always trying to raise awareness of the disease, and always always trying to help others in the HD community. And more than anything, always telling the world about his son Michael. If I was to say that Gordon is a true hero in the HD community, he would say, no, the true hero is my son Michael, and I have to agree with that.


On hearing the news of Michael’s passing today, there were many condolences, here are just a few of them:


Dusty said, “Alas, Michael’s battle is over. There is so much love and strength in your family, and you did a fantastic job providing love, discipline, hope, fun for Michael as he went the course of JHD, a horrible job for any parent or family.
I pray that you and your family will remember him without HD. Michael was fine young man whom we all loved here, and we will honour his memory with you. “

Marsha said, “Dusty’s right, Gordon, all of us will honour Michael’s memory along with you. I only knew Michael through you but he must have been a remarkable young man to inspire you to advocate on behalf of JHD patients everywhere and to provide support to others who are dealing with Huntington’s Disease in their lives. Michael was fortunate in his father and his sister. He left this world surrounded by love and I know he entered the next world the same way. You and Kirsty are in my prayers and I will be thinking about you. “

Eric said, “Michael had a full and rich life. He had loving friends. He had spirit. He had fight. He had the Rangers. He met his hero’s. His hero’s met him and he became their hero. Micheal had fun. He had school. He had beer and nights out with the boys. He had a fondness for the ladies and one in particular. He had inside jokes to laugh about and off color ones too. He had his own “pad”. He had the attention of people throughout Scotland and throughout the world. He had the best fortune of having Gordon and Kirsty and their love and caring. He had smiles, laughs, and a love of life. He gave us all fond remembrances and the inspiration of a life well lived.”

And these were my thoughts for Gordon, “Gordon, I didnt know Michael, but I did know him, I knew him through you. Many times, when I have chatted with you, and I have been feeling down, you would help me feel better. Not by talking about whatever had me down, but instead by telling me stories about Michael. Even though I didn’t know Michael, it was Michael that always cheered me up, and put a smile back on my face. It was like, you became Michaels voice, his advocate, he lived through you. He was a wonderful son, you are a wonderful father. And as a caregiver, your giving has been endless. But, never, never, never, as tired as you were, did Michael get spoken of with the utmost respect and dignity. You are a person who has taught me what true grace and humility is. I love hearing the stories about Michael, yes, he has won the heart of Scottland, and the whole world. He did his HD journey with a smile on his face, and I hope I can too, just like Michael. Lots of love to you and Kirsty. “


Gordon, I hope you and Kirsty can begin to share many smiles together, as you remember good times together. I know Michael is smiling too, he is free now.

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