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We had a wonderful day today…….I just love being a Grandma, and I love my Grandaughter so very very much. She brings me so much joy and love, and I love being able to give her all the love I can. I just feel it is such a priviledge to be a part of her life. But more than that, she feels I am special. She loves to have special conversations with me. She will say, Grandma, let’s have a conversation, and then she always talks to me about things that are on her mind. Asks about God. Asks about me and Grandpa, and why we got married. I say cus we love each other. She will smirk in disbelief, and say, you and grandpa love each other??? lol lol And I will say of course, and we are best friends too. Wow, she says…..lol And she tells me she has a pretty rock collection. And that she has a great big family that loves her soooo much, because she is special. And I say, yes, you are very special honey. She says, of course, cus when i was born, everyone was happy! lol And I say yes, honey. And she says, Grandma, I am so special, you made me a pretty dress Grandma. I love my new dress Grandma, and I say I’m glad honey. Grandma? Yes honey. I am growing up Grandma. Yes honey you are. I love you Grandma…….I love you too sweetheart.

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I never knew either of my Grandma’s very well, and I remember them not being the affectionate type, but I always loved visiting with them when we did visit. But I guess I always wanted more from a Grandma. When I became an adult, I made a conscious choice to get to know both of my Grandma\’s better. It was very difficult as an adult to try and start a relationship that was never really there to begin with, but I did, and I am very glad I did. I discovered the reason they were not affectionate women, was because life had handed them both very difficulty and trying lives to have to live. Their lives were about survival, and they were both full of tons of wisdom. And, I think they both loved me.

When my grandaughter was a baby and young toddler, my hd sympotoms were much worse, and i could not be the person I wanted to be for her, and so I am just glad my hd has improved so much that i am able to be the grandma I always wanted to be. So for now, I am very thankful for this time of wellbeing i am having with my hd, no matter how long or short it lasts, it gives me time to create good memories with Elisa.

But for me, I guess I always wanted to be the type of Grandma that I had wished I had had, and so, for me, I feel so very very fortunate, and so very priviledged, to be able to be that special person for my Grandaughter. It is a dream come true for me, because I have been able to become for my Grandaughter, what I wished for myself…….I think that is very special.

Photo: Elisa wearing a sundress made by Grandma Barb

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Look what I did!  🙂

I am soooo happy…..and Elisa loves her new little dress and hat…..and she was so happy that I could make her a dress. I am really glad that I was able to do this…..so glad, and I am happy that right now, I can do some things I want to do. I am really glad that I have had huge improvement in my hd journey. Hd is not supposed to get better, it is supposed to get worse, right now, mine is getting better, much better…..and so, I am happy.

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I am feeling silly, and having some fun. Decided to colour my hair lol lol. Well, my hair used to be a nice salt and peper, but last five years it has gone very white, much whiter than I like. I thought I liked it, but well, just got tired of it, so decided to go for a change lol.

So I told my grandaughter I was thinking of changing my hair colour, and she was like well, grandma, you have to have grey hair grandma, your a grandma lol. So I tried showing pictures of how dark my hair was only five years ago, and how long it was too, and she’s like, oh no grandma, your hair has to stay short and grey, that’s just how it has to be.

So we decided to have a hair colouring party at my daughters house, well we pretended it was a party, so Elisa would think it was a big deal and a fun event. So she got to watch grandma get her hair all coloured, and she was just like, oh wow grandma, we’re having a party, and oh wow grandma, your hair isn’t grey any more! So she was quite excited and we had a fun time.

Now as for me, I’ve been having to really get used to this, it is a huge change. At first I felt so very very silly, and now I’m like, ok, maybe this is kinda fun, and well maybe I do like it now. So I’m going to be 50 this year, so I’m thinking, why not be a little silly and have fun. Love you all!

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I am very happy that i was able to make this little sweater for my grandaughter for Easter. I only decided 4 days ago to do it, and i didnt have a pattern, but i was pretty sure i could do it. I kept ripping it apart, cus it didnt look right, and my husband was so nice, and kept saying it looks good, don’t undo it.

And then as the countdown to when it needed to be finished, he\’d glance over every once in awhile, and smile and ask me if i thought i would be able to finish it. And i would say yes. But i felt so proud and happy that he seemed to like it too, and seemed so anxious, and then the minute it was finished he said well lay it out nice so i can take a picture of it for you…..wasnt that so sweet? And Elisa loved her sweater, and it looked beautiful on her. I am so proud.

Things like this are hard for me to do these days, and i’s hard for me to plan on doing something, and complete it, and so that is why i am so proud of it, because i have HD, i don’t have it bad yet, just early stages, but i am very proud of this. I am so happy. And i like to be able to give my grandaughter something new and pretty for Easter, because I think Easter is a time of new beginnings, it is a beautiful time.

I like this scripture verse:

Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5: 17

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Ok, so, I’m stepping out tonight, out of the closet, only momentarily lol. Anyways, here is a posting I did on the HDAC forum tonight, and I thought, hmmm, I will post it here too, because it is a good thing…….smile……so here it is:“Well here goes. I’m very uneasy talking about my meds on the forum, even though i talk about them in the chat. But i think i will this time. I have been on a memantine trial for 3 months now, and am doing really well on it. I don’t feel as confused and slow, feel more alert. I noticed the dif immediately. I’ve been told to stay at 10mg because 20mg has shown to have more side effects. I made my grandaughter a quilt this Christmas. I have not been able to sew for three years. One of my daughters told me last week, that she sees quite an improvement in me lately. And we ran into some friends today, that we have not seen for six months, and they were like, Barb, you look fantastic, what’s going on they said. They said you are not slow and confused looking, and you are responding quickly in the conversation. So, i have not had every area improve, i personally feel i have had maybe a 75% improvement. I feel this improvement is not in every area, but in three or four select areas. And so, i am happy about this, this is a good thing. If i get more improvement, great, and if not, the improvement i have already had i am very happy with. Does my husband notice an improvement, no. That’s only cus he doesn’t notice anything lol. I’m thankful to Marsha for telling me about memantine. It actually stops brain cells from dying. My Dr says current research is showing it will give me an extra 5 to 10 years he feels for sure”

Grandma…….le’s have a conversation
Grandma…….let’s have a conversation…….OK sweetheart, what would you like to talk about?…….Well Grandma, when I am a grown up, I am going to have my own home. It will be very beautiful Grandma. And I will have pretty pictures on my walls, and I will have twins Grandma, and they will be twin girls, and I will have lovely hardwood floors, and Mommy will come and visit me in my pretty home, when I am a grown up…….That sounds wonderful sweetheart…….Yes Grandma, I am going to be four years old soon Grandma, I am growing up very fast…….Yes you are sweetheart…….Grandma?…….Yes sweetheart…….Jesus loves us, and Jesus just loves everyone Grandma, that’s because Jesus is in our hearts Grandma …….You have a lovely heart Grandma…….Well thank you sweetheart, you have a lovely heart too…….Well of course Grandma, that’s because Jesus loves us Grandma, and I am almost a grown up. I’m almost four years old Grandma…….Grandma?…….Yes sweetheart…….When I am a grown up, will you come and visit me in my lovely home Grandma, and come and have a tea party with me Grandma?…….Well of course sweetheart
x o x o x


                           Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
                              Praise him, all creatures here below;
                                           Praise him above, ye heavenly host:
                                           Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.



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Today is Thanksgiving Sunday, and I’d like to share a story that I actually wrote a couple weeks ago, and posted on the HDAC ( http://www.hdac.org ), but I just really wanted to share this again for Thanksgiving, because, sometimes when life is hard, we forget to be thankful for the simple things in life, and sometimes a child’s view is priceless:
Through the eyes of a 3 year oldwhy we can’t see God
We’re driving down the road one day, Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy and Elisa. Beautiful sunny day, and Elisa is unusually quiet. Suddenly she says,” Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy? I can’t see God.” So I say to her, but you can see all the beautiful things God has made, the trees and flowers, everything.” “Yes Grandma, but I want so much to see Jesus, but I just can’t see Him, I just can’t see Him, because I have Jesus in my heart, and if I want to see Jesus, I would have to take him out of my heart so I can see Him, and I don’t want to take him out of my heart Grandma, so I just can’t see Him, because I love Him. That’s why we can’t see Jesus Grandma”. And then this little voice in the back seat starts singing Jesus loves me, and she starts shouting, “come on everyone, sing! come on Grandpa, come on grandma, come on mommy, sing everyone!”

From the heart and mind of a 3 year old. Wouldn’t life be so simple, if we could just think like a 3 year old. A quiet car ride turned into an extraordinarily beautiful day.

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